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Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Hi Guys,

I am in need of some serious and urgent help.

For some unknown reason my email account is locked. I have had this account for the better part of 15 years and it accessed daily so no reason why it should be locked for lack of use.

It has been locked for over a week. It was last accessed on Friday 18th June last week. I have made numerous phone calls to Virgin over the last week and have been palmed off with it being reset after an hour which of course it has not.

I have re-set my password and even tried various browsers as a solution. In my last conversation I was given a timeline of 3 to 5 days which has now passed and still no joy.

Normally I wouldn't be so fussed but this email address is vital as it contains work and contracts that I desperately need. I am desperate for help with this issue.

Any and all help is appreciated.



Email Address: [REMOVED]


[MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post. Please do not post personal or private information in your public posts. Please review the Forum Guidelines]

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Forum Team
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Re: Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Hi Andymancusa, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to forums 🙂
I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your email and have tried different diagnostics and they haven't worked, I can try to enable your mail box from our end and will pop you over a PM to do so. Keep an eye out for the purple envelope 🙂

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