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What to do when Virgin Website refuses to allow you to login = ALWAYS fails on a page?

Anyone have the same problem?

They have consistently taken too much money.  When trying to login, I fill in the correct details but VM website says WRONG!  So I ask to reset and VM website asks for different data - all perfect but VM says WRONG. Sending me to a final different page ... asks me for my Username - the one I used to login here!       -->      Then they say 'Oops, something is broken!    --> shameful if not criminal

This always happens and for a communications company is embarrassing for VM

Are they trying to prevent me from seeing my account, as they have been taking too much money - I dare VM to sue me if they think this is not true.  

So how can I see my account?  As we all know if you find a contact method they never answer.

Please help

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