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Somebody I know keeps emailing me a link that if I was to click on it I would get a virus on my computer. This person is using different email addresses everytime. I block it everytime but they just use new email addresses everytime.  Please could I ask for some suggestions on what I could do to try and stop them. I would like to report this person but I am unsure who too. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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Re: Virises

These situations can be distressing.  However, the person you know may be an innocent party in this.  It is very easy for scammers to spoof an email to make it appear to be coming from one of your friends or contacts.

The email source details provide a lot of information to trace the source of emails but these can be difficult to interpret unless you know what you are looking for.

I am a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work.

As a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Re: Virises

You may wish to preserve these emails in a separate folder until you have decide what action, if any, to take.

It maybe possible to use webmail's filter rules to automatically move these emails from your Inbox folder to another folder however you would be required to examine the email sources for any shared reference points that could be used in a filter rule. If this is something you wish to pursue then post back here.

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Re: Virises

@Jules09 wrote:

Somebody I know keeps emailing me a link............. I would like to report this person but I am unsure who too. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Almost certainly what has happened is that person's contact list has been hacked, possibly by malware on their computer but there other ways that hackers can get this sort of information.

If these emails are the same as examples that I have seen, they are auto generated and are definitely not being sent by your contact.

In my experience they tend to follow a familiar format:

Your contact's name, usually in capitals ("JOHN WAYNE") in the From: field, but with a different email address to the one you know them by.

The subject is just your first name, or some simple variation ("JULES" or "FOR JULES") for example

The content is usually just one short line of text with a  link, or sometimes just the link itself.

Does that seem familiar?

You could contact that person to let them know what is happening but don't accuse them of anything because they will be completely unaware of any emails being sent out in their name. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do to stop them

Remember this experience if you every receive an email from one of your contacts claiming that they are on holiday overseas and pleading for you to send them money by Western Union or money transfer because they have had their money and passport stolen. In fact that person will be going about their business as usual and it is just a trick that scammers use when they get hold of someone's contact list. I have had a few of those of the years.Smiley Frustrated



I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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