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Virginemail not working

On our wavelength

At the start of last week I received a message from Virgin saying that they had major email problems with a number of accounts which they were trying to solve..Over last week historic emails appeared from time to time  and I hoped that the problem had been resolved.However last night I received messages for each of my email accounts saying that Virgin were planning "essential works" to my email services which would be unavailable between midnight and 6am.The service was to be back up and running by"early" this morning.So far as I can see this has not happened.I receive a few  eamils every day from the same senders and they have not arrived.


The interruption last week cause me a  serious problem about attending a meeting online and I am increasingly concerned that not only am I not receiving emails now, but that there may well be historic ones which I have not received.


I used my Virgin phone line this morning to phone the help line 150- but they wanted  letters from my password for my account.I used to have one for my orriginal email address which took me to my account but since Virgin made you logon in each email address separately it does not seem to work and I cannot find out how to re-set it ror my account.


Can any one tell me what is happening to our emails, when normal service will be restored including all undelivered emails and how I reset the password for my account as opposed to one of my email addresses.


Many thanks.