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Virgin net email problems - again

I'm again having issues with this service.

For the last few weeks it often will not log in but just get the 3 dots waiting. Sometimes there are messages saying 'Server unreachable'. When I can log in it can take a while for an e-mail to open or it says 'Can only open in plain text' or something similar.

I assume there is work being carried out because at weekends, it's better.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


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Re: Virgin net email problems - again

I'm having the same problems. I have already reported the issue about emails not displayed properly, and today I've had real problems both logging into the online email service (keeps trying or gives "server unreachable" error message) and sending and receiving emails. When sending an email it stays in the "sending" mode for ages and I end up trying again, however, the recipient has already received it although it shows to me as if it's still sitting in my outbox.