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Ive read a lot of the posts on here relating to the closure of long standing and similar orphaned email accounts and I can understand why Virgin media would want to close the service.

But the issue I have is, that I, like many others dont appear to have been given any prior notification of this event, it just stopped working.

I have been using this account since dial up days in 1990, so in 20 years have acquired some really sentimental emails from long standing friends who have now passed on and especially from my mum who died a couple of years. These include countless saved emails with photos and life events that I just cant replicate!

Yes, I should have saved them, but like most people, unfortunately, I never found the time to do it and rightly or wrongly you always assume large companies like Virgin would do the right thing.

And so its very distressing to read that Virgin media will not do anything to assist people in our position who have effectively been advertising for them for years and years every time we sent an email.

I, like others are only seeking to try and retrieve all out golden memories that have been kept on their servers for over 20 year.

So please can I appeal to someone  and their human nature at Virgin Media to assist us all in getting back all these memories. How hard can it be in this digital age to perhaps allow a couple of days access to retrieve all our lost emails or maybe even the facility to download of their stored emails.

Im sure this would be greatly appreciated by all and would put Virgin in a great light instead of giving everyone the impression that you really dont care about past or present customers.

Many thanks


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Re: email account stopped working

Hi fulstowman,

Thanks for your post and welcome to our forums.

I'm really sorry to hear you have lost many sentimental emails and can understand the upset this has caused. 
In order for an email account to remain active is does need to be linked to an active Broadband account with us. Once broadband services are disconnected, the email address should be closed within 90 days, however there are some instances where it remains active for longer than this incorrectly. 

Whilst I can't promise anything, I would like to see if there is anything we can do to help. I need a few more details from you in order to look into this for you. I will send you a PM asking for the details I need, just keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right hand side of your screen.