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Virgin email header

Super solver

I noticed since approximately 28/06/2023 the header has changed-

emails used to arrive from (ziggoB.V)

Received: from smtpclienthelo
by md1.tb.ukmail.iss.local with LMTP

They now arrive from md6.tb.ukmail.iss.local which is a reserved IP address 

Carrier-Grade NAT RFC6598

by mc24.tb.ukmail.iss.local with LMTP

I just wondered why it has changed and also why the received IP address is reserved with no ISP??


What are these 100.x.y.z addresses? · Tailscale



Super solver

Now solved,

No reply, so I have noticed also email coming from-

This is liberty global in the Netherlands, who own virgin media, so the emails are now from them.

That was perhaps due to the recent email changes in June when it seems to have been altered.

It is odd that the actual  IP address is not shown in the header now, just a local IP  networks address bginning100, but I did find the actual IP addresses listed on a look up which shows 3 x  IP addresses which are different to the previous ziggo IP address range now not used.