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Virgin Media email locked

Joining in

What a nightmare we are having, my wife's email suddenly stopped during last week, we contacted VM and had to go to WhatsApp to see a reply. This took us to where we had already been, we phoned and eventually got through and the person told us they reset her password, try in 15 to 20 mins, we did and it never worked. We phoned again explaining what we were told and another person told us to try another password which we did, try after 15 to 20 minutes, this never worked error message FSB50 showed up, they did not know what it was-(still getting it) I phoned again and got a different person telling me that after 3 attempts it gets locked ( why some ones never explained this before is beyond me). We wee transferred to another person ( after a long wait) and he said you will have to try in 24 hours!, why 24 hrs ? he said it takes that long as a different team get involved. 24 hrs later, that never worked, phoned again and was told to use a 3 party email, that never worked, they changed to password and told me to go on webmail to do the same, that never worked. Phoned again today and got the same answers, bought a Virus Programme and all was clean on my PC and wifes Mac-have VM got problems they are not telling us about-someone help PLEASE



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @kinlar 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Please do make your own thread in the future, this is purely to ensure no work is missed. I've moved it this time.

I am very sorry to hear of the email issue.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Forum Team

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Ok, I understand now, can I expect a call from VM as we still have problems. When I have been speaking to VM on those occasions I am unsure if we all got confused, I am the account holder (My Virginmedia) and my wife has got an email address linked to my account. When I tried logging in on her (My Virginmedia) which she never had previously ( I believe) it had her name, now everything is up in the air with accounts and her email. After following the instruction given to me by VM about logging in shows Error Code FSB50. We are still trying to find out what that means.

On our wavelength

It really isn't good enough is it. They charge you enough money. My webmail was working this morning now my account has been locked yet again.  It took a 55 minute phonecall 2 weeks ago to sort it out