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Virgin Media SPF Authentication



Virgin Media implement SPF authentication on all inbound email, honouring all SPF policies including those that specify ‘hard fail when authentication fails.


An SPF policy is specified by the sender’s email domain and advises receiving mail platforms which IP addresses or hosts are authorised to send email for that domain.  If an email is sent from an IP Address or host that is not authorised by the sender’s domain, it will fail SPF authentication.  If the SPF policy of the sender’s email domain specifies ‘hard fail’ Virgin Media will not deliver that email.


Applying SPF Authentication helps prevent Spam, Phishing and Spoofed emails and is in the best interests of the vast majority of our customers.


However, if you utilise an email forwarding service to deliver mail to the Virgin Media email platform, you may experience problems receiving mail if the forwarding domain is not SPF-aware. A forwarding service may be used to host a bespoke email domain and have emails sent from this to a Virgin Media Mail account.


If you are experiencing issues of this nature, we recommend that you use a forwarding provider that implements the Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) such as or alternatively request your existing provider adopt this approach to email forwarding.


Alternatively we are able to remove SPF authentication from customer accounts.  However this approach will remove valuable protection against email spoofing from your email account.  As such any customer requesting the removal of this feature must be aware that extra vigilance will be needed going forward.


If you are experiencing an issue with email forwarding or would like to request your email to be opted-out, please create a new thread, and we will be able to help.