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Virgin Media Mail ('webmail' formerly)

Joining in

I am having problems with 


Joining in

Virgin Webmail problems with 'Forbidden' does not react to the usual  solution of removing Virgin Media cookies

This is apparently due to an 'outage', hopefully to be restored by 16:00 tomorrow

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Giffoid, 


Thank you for your post! 


Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue - upon looking into this, our user @EyesSquared has posted a really helpful guide on how to do this and it is the following: 


1. Log in to VM account

2. Account Settings> Virgin Media Mail Account settings> Generate New App Password, copy and paste (also make a note - just in case) (do not select DONE)>go back a screen (arrow top left of screen).

3.Go to Account Settings>Password - copy and paste new password, save. Log out.

4 Repeats steps to 1 to 3 again two more times.

5. Log in, access Virgin Media Mail from VM Account Dashboard. And fingers crossed all should work.


Can you please attempt the above and let me know how you get on.