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Virgin Email sign in

My father in law has dementia and we try to make life easy for him with saved passwords for websites etc. He had an issue with Virgin Email and I got him logged back in but now every log in is asking for a Captcha verification. This is not easy for someone with dementia. Can it be disabled?




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Re: Virgin Email sign in

I completely understand the situation on a personal level so do know it's a not an easy situation, but the only way I could think that would allow access to email without any password or reCAPTCHA challenge would be via an email client.

I'm not aware of any mechanism of disabling the login challenge on the website.
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Re: Virgin Email sign in

VM have introduced this annoying Captcha in the past and it was withdrawn with the following statement from VM :-

We take security of your account extremely seriously. That’s why we have recently added some new security measures to further protect your My Virgin Media account. Following feedback from our customers, in particular feedback from the online help and support community, it has become clear that (Captcha) this did not translate into a good customer experience.  

We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

As a result - the additional login requirements have now been removed from our site. 

Rest assured we have also implemented additional security measures – these new measures will be not visible to you, but will be working in the background 

So I ask why have these additional security measures (Captcha) been re-instated? What happened to the other additional security methods that took its place? VM need to consider their own words concerning "good customer experience". 

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