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VM account hacked

I need help getting a functioning contact number for VM that I can get immediate action from them.

My elderly fathers VM account including his email has been hacked following a data theft. This has resulted in the loss of many tens of thousands of pounds from his bank using his stolen email details as the attach vector. Clearly this is very traumatic for an elderly infirm man trying to maintain his independence.

I reported the problem from his home phone to VM several days ago but there has been no indication of any action by VM. It is impossible to get to talk to anyone in authority there and there are virtually no contact details for this kind of serious issue. Waiting for hours on the phone just isn't acceptable - I have mountains of issues to deal with as a consequence of this crime as it is.

I need urgently to contact someone in VM to discuss this problem and get things sorted before further damage is caused. I suspect also that the police will be wanting to discuss this and the lax attitude that VM appear to have to this issue. By failing to act it appears to me that VM are complicit in the crime and treat their customers with contempt.

Anyone know where/how I can talk to someone?


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Re: VM account hacked

Hi Redlinexyzzy, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Sorry to hear about this and I honestly apologise for the experience you've had. I will send you a private message so I can take a look into the account. 



Ryan_N - Forum Team -
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Re: VM account hacked

If your father has lost control of his VM account and e-mail address the priority task is to get control back. This is not an uncommon situation.  There are regularly plenty of examples on this Forum of this self-same situation. 

There is a set procedure to regain control. It doesn't always work because hackers often change so many elements of the account credentials that a different kind of intervention is needed by VM. Still it is important to try the procedure and try it at once. That usually involves just re-setting the password to something that the hackers cannot possibly guess. It is described here:

The problem will come if the hackers have changed the password and/or the security details. In the case of the former these instructions need to be followed:

It's the "forgotten password option" that is required.

If this doesn't work because the hackers have changed the account security question then it is still possible to proceed by providing additional information which confirms identity. If that fails then VM's intervention will be required to suspend the account.

Bear in mind your father's username is his full e-mail address.

If you get through all this then you will have regained control of both his e-mail and VM billing accounts because they share the same log on credentials.

VM do have an on-line system for reporting this kind of hacking, but frankly I don't know of any suggestions through this Forum that you should use it. It is rather complicated and obscure. But for completeness here is the link:

This is no special phone number to phone VM. The usual customer service numbers apply. 150 from a VM phone or 0345 454 1111 from a non-VM phone line. 150 is free. The 0345 number is potentially chargeable.

I don't want to make light of this incident. But I doubt the police will be terribly interested in VM's role in any of this. Account security is primarily the responsibility of the customer. VM have not reported any data breaches recently, which they are required to do by law and they do stick to the law very closely.

I readily appreciate how distressing and infuriating this is for both of you. I hope this reply will help you to regain control of the account and put a stop to any further abuse.  If you are geographically distant from your father you can go through these steps on your own computer provided you have your father's account credentials in front of you.

This Forum is a place where VM users come to help other uses (and their relatives). VM staff will respond but usually only after 24 hours on e-mail issues.  You can always come back, in this thread please, for any further advice. Good luck. 

Edit - I see VM staff have already intervened. So go with their advice.


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