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Using own Domain email through VM

On our wavelength

Hi all,

I know there is already a document for this (here: )but I just wanted some clarification.

For some time I've had a domain with Fasthosts which I've had an email forward (no full email service) which points to my Virgin email address. So when somebody sends an email to it gets forwarded accordingly. I've also setup my local email clients to use that same domain email address (ceepeebe@) when sending outbound email through Virgin, by using my ISP credentials to authorise.

Recently, perhaps as mailflow has incresaed, I've started seeing some of these emails just "vanish". I've started to think that SPF/DMARC might be involved and I need these records in place.

What I can't quite get my head around is whether I need an SPF record that references sitting in the DNS of my domain or not.

Thanks in advance



I would say yes, an SPF record is going to be needed to say that email sent from the VM SMTP is to be considered as a valid originator.

Without doing this , email destinations ( Gmail / Office 365 et al) that validate the SPF are going to reject your fasthosts email as forged when the come from the VM SMTP.