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Username is email address

when I first signed up to ntlworld many years ago they game me a default email address, which has become my default username. and ive been stuck with it.

but a while ago I seen you could change the contact email address, thinking I could at last delete that old email address which the scammers love, losts seam to have that email address.

1, If i login with my account email (now changed) I can edit add and change upto 10 email addresses, but the account email address  is not listed anywhere, but anyone sending email to it, gets forwarded to my contact email address.

2, how can i get rid of  once and for all

3, if im forced to have an account name, why cant it be something new, perhaps my current email address.

many people are sending junk, scams to the old  address, if its just a username, it should not function at all for any email?

thanks, any virgin media staff there?

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Re: Username is email address

Hey Visitor,


Do you know if is your primary email address, if this is your primary email address, we cannot delete it but you should be able to change your username to a different username.


I can take a further look into this for you by a private message, so that I can check the status of your account and email address. Would you like me to do this?






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