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Urgent - Data release.

How much data has been released or was this from the last 'escape' ? This has just landed in my inbox..

virgin email..PNG

How have these scammers accessed all my details ?

I guarantee that someone will be along to tell me there is no leak from VM and it is only my ( and the other 0000000.00 of customers) personal equipment to blame 😂

Just like all the other times.



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Re: Urgent - Data release.

Question – what is the guaranteed method for presenting your full email address to the spammers/hackers?

Answer – include the address in an image posted on a public website such as the VM Help Forum.

That is why your embedded image containing your full email address has not been shown.

That image was a copy of your VM Mobile bill. Is that what you intended to post?

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Re: Urgent - Data release.

@misterdog wrote:

This has just landed in my inbox.

If it was the image that you intended to post I presume that you have checked your Mobile account on the VM website or on the VM app to see if that bill is showing on your account? BTW don't use any link in the email to access your account.

If it's not on your VM mobile account then it was a phishing email.

However, if it is actually showing on your VM account then it did come from VM themselves and if you were not expecting it you need to talk to VM to ask them what it's all about.

I don't have a VM Mobile but just looking at the image the email  looks convincing. However, one thing made my spider senses tingle.  I notice the Account Number and the full mobile number have been asterisked (*********) out. I would have expected VM to have displayed those in any mobile bill they emailed to you to prove it was genuine. I assume you just posted the image without making any changes to it? 

Of course, by not including an account number in the email, a scammer would only have needed your email address to send that email.

Looking at your email address it looks like a business name.  Is that email address on your website ready and waiting for spam bots to pick up?  No need to answer that by the way.  😉


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