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Unwelcome familiarity

On our wavelength

Call me old fashioned, but my first name is for my friends and family. It's not for anyone else unless I have asked them to call me by my first name. Virgin has either somehow managed to remain unaware of normal business etiquette, or chosen to ignore it.

There seems to be a belief among the uneducated that emails are informal. Well, they're not unless I say they're not. If you won't communicate with me in writing, then I expect you to compose your emails as if they were proper letters. Calling a customer by their familiar name by default is both unprofessional and, to me anyway, offensive. It's pretty simple... if someone who is not in your social circle hasn't asked you to call them by their first name, then don't. You are not my friend or my brother, you are someone who works for me. To you I am Mister (Surname) or Sir.


Super solver

Noted Andy. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey andysitton, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

We understand where you are coming from and you can raise a complaint here  or we can do this for you, Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Did you ACTUALLY just call me "Hey" after what I said about etiquette? Is this what passes for professional behaviour in your company... deliberately insulting people?

That's the last straw, I'm cancelling your "service".