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Unable to sync emails in Windows Mail or any other email client on my laptop!

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Hello, since last week i had my email address working on my laptop through Windows Mail built into Windows 10.  All of a sudden the mail app has failed to see or sync any of my inbox. When i tried to reconfigure my email account into a fresh setup even though i have authenticated with the correct credentials it still produces the same error.

"we couldnt access this account" "you may need to update your username or password".

This is only happened in the last week, i am able to access the same email account on multiple other mobile devices and my second laptop also i have recently changed my password to no change to this error.  I tried today additionally to setup my email in Outlook and also Thunderbird mail client both repeating similar server errors.

I have also checked on Google Chrome using incognito mode with Virgin Webmail to make sure I'm using the correct password for my VM account and it lets me in no problem.

Please can your Email team investigate why this has happened as i rely on Windows Mail for organizing my email on a daily basis.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@diane4 If you have recently changed the password for the My Virgin Media account associated with this email address you now have to generate an app specific password to use in order to access the email address via a third party email client.

App passwords are generated by logging into your My Virgin Media account> Account Settings> Account Details> Mailbox app password management.



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Thanks for your time on this problem. Unfortunately I have already tried this approach but without success, and I note that Diane4 didn't reply to your suggestion