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Unable to send email -

I had this problem in June and it reappeared over a week ago.  W are unable to send emails from our accounts on our pc and only intermittently from our iphones. Does anyone know what it happening? Virgin say it is a server problem that they are trying to fix. 

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Re: Unable to send email -

There are a few things you can check yourself so we can diagnose the problem.  We'd like to help, but need more info.

Are you a VM broadband customer?  Are you using a PC / tablet / smart phone?  What email client are you using, or is it via the website - using VM webmail?  Can you view your billing account?  Is the email address you are having problems with shown on the My profile tab (scroll down to My services), or is it on the manage accounts tab?  See photos.

What error message are you getting?  Don't post personal info, just the facts.

Try changing your passwords, then update the details in your email client and/or smartphone.  As you are using iphone(s), read this to get good advice on updating the settings.

Also - if you had the problem a little while ago and it is recurring, you might want to check your system for interference.

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