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Unable to reset password

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My wife is unable to reset her password for her emails. She goes through the process, correctly answering her security questions, but every time she selects a new password it says "You can't use that password. Please choose another." We have tried loads of different options, and the screen says they are either moderate or strong. Can anybody help please, as she has stopped getting access to her emails.

Thanks in advance.


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Now sorted thanks to a reply to another query

Hi sheldon73, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am glad to hear that this is now resolved. 

Please let us know if you need anything and have a good Sunday. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

I have exactly the same issue.  Can @sheldon73 or anyone else actually spell out what the solution is... or put in a specific reference to whichever other post explains the solution?

There is a bug in the reset process. Even though it states it hasn't worked, it has. The last password which appeared to fail, has actually worked, so use that when logging in, and it should work - it did for us.

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @br1anstorm, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Can you please confirm if the recent response from @sheldon73 has assisted with resolving this fault?

If this is still ongoing, can you confirm if you're the account holder of an active Virgin Media subscription?

Kindest regards,


Thanks, @David_Bn, for your enquiry.

Sadly, the reply from @sheldon73 did not help.  It confirmed the fact that - as others had also noted - there is a bug in the reset password setup which has not been sorted.  The suggested workaround (of ignoring the popup and trying to login anyway) did not work for me. 

There seems to be an explanation for this.  My dialogue with staff member Gareth_L as a result of a separate message I posted has confirmed that VM have suddenly, without notice or warning, deleted my email account completely.  This is because it was regarded as a "legacy" or orphan email account.  No checks were made to see if the account was still active.  I now have serious difficulties in trying to rescue the situation, advise my numerous friends and contacts, and reset a huge number of online accounts and logins which were set up by, and depended on, my virgin email.

I am seriously upset that VM has taken this action without the courtesy of notifying me in advance so that I could make alternative arrangements.  The whole episode reflects very badly on VM's approach, management and decision-making.  In the light of this experience I shall be pleased to sever all links with Virgin, and you will understand that I will be strongly recommending to others to stay away from the company.

Thanks for coming back to us @br1anstorm, and I'm sorry to hear of the deleting of the E-Mail account.

Can you confirm if you are still an active Virgin Media subscriber of his this E-Mail address was connected to a former account?

If this was a former account, we would usually only allow a 90 day window to use the E-Mail account after disconnection - this is to allow user to transfer over any important E-Mails to a new third party E-Mail account.

Kindest regards,


Thanks David_Bn.  I'm now in touch with other VM staff by private message about how to resolve the situation.  But to answer your questions visibly in this thread...

  • my email account was set up over 20 years ago in the dial-up era before Virgin Media in its current shape was formed;
  • I now learn - after the email account has already been deleted - that VM decided to disconnect it because I am not a subscriber or account holder for other services ... except for Virgin Mobile, for which I have an account and pay monthly;
  • the deletion of my email account has also locked me out of accessing the Virgin Mobile website;
  • I was never notified of, or given, a "90-day window" to enable the transfer of my emails to a new account.  Indeed I have had no direct communication at all from VM about the disconnection/closure/deletion of my email account - which is the main reason why I am so vexed, angry and disappointed. 

If I had been given notification and explanation, and 90 days to make alternative arrangements, I would willingly have done so, and things would have been fine.  As it is, the account has been deleted by Virgin Media with no warning, no notice, no 90-day window.  The plug has simply been pulled, and at a very inconvenient time. 

I have lost important emails, a large number of contacts will have sent messages which I cannot see and which are apparently irrecoverable,, and I have spent the past four days and will likely spend the next few weeks, trying to repair the damage, re-set logins, set up alternative email accounts and make all the necessary transitions.  And all because Virgin Media failed, or could not be bothered, to contact me directly and in advance to advise of their intention. 

Is it any wonder I am deeply unimpressed and not best pleased?

Hey br1anstorm, thank you for reaching out and confirming this.

Please do feel free to reach out to my colleague by PM if you are still needing some help on this.

I understand this is not ideal and I am really sorry about any troubled caused. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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