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Unable to receive emails into Gmail App (android)

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For a couple of days I've not been able to receive/sync emails via my blueyonder email account into my GMail app on a Samsung S20. I've reset the app password within Virgin Media email account management and confirmed the correct settings are being used but still no joy. I am able to send emails successfully via blueyonder using the Gmail app.

Any suggestions gratefully received. 


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UPDATE: Google have released an update which appears to have resolved the issue...

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Resolved this through other threads. It appears its not enough to simply follow the app password generation path. You need to remove the account entirely from the Gmail app, reset the app password in virgin media email account management and then set the account up using the new password in the Gmail app. 


Now resolved 👍

Hey DC, thank you for reaching out and letting us know this has been resolved and for giving you some advice.

Please do reach out fi you need anything in the near future and I hope you have a nice day. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

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Have same problem on Samsung phone gmail app ..however we cant change the password as cannot log into virgin email anywhere else as do not know the password ..spent 2 hrs with virgin help today and have to wait 1 to 5 days for high tech level to ring back !

I have the same problem  I did as suggested, changed the password,  deleted then reinstalled the account, all my emails came through and then back to the same situation.

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @chrismalk and I'm sorry to hear of the issues with the E-Mail address via the GMail application.

Can you please confirm if you've been able to use the E-Mail address via our webmail service, to see if all functions are available you?

Kindest regards,


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Appears I may have been too quick to mark this as resolved. As Chris mentioned, the issue returns after resolution. 

Pattern is. Delete settings from Android Gmail. Reset app password in virgin. Restore settings in Android Gmail. Emails can be sent and received by Gmail however, this doesn't last very long before having to repeat the whole process again, sometimes within the hour.

How do I remove the resolved marker? 

Can someone from Virgin have a look at this please. 

Hi, thanks for replying. I can use webmail and I can access email on my kindle, just not on my phone via gmail.

Thanks for coming back to us @DC and @chrismalk.

We would have to advise that if all functions work as expected on our web mail function, then you would need to direct this query to the application host as this would not represent a fault with the service that is provided by Virgin Media.

Kindest regards,


I have the same problem - it's been working fine for over two years and now isn't.  Someone somewhere has changed something, and I think it't most likely to be VirginMedia, since they had issues with their webmail service recently.