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Unable to Change ntlworld email password

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Can anyone help please?

Many years ago I created several secondary email accounts, some were to move to as my original email was getting so much spam, but one was for my wife.

She's forgotten the password and so we have both tried to reset it. It allows for the new password to be altered and confirms the change, but when we try to log in it says the details are not recognised! Yet my wife has been receiving emails on it up to the password change attempt!

We've now tried several times to change the password, all with no success.

Can anyone assist with this issue?



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It's sorted. No need to reply

Hello Rich_N

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Glad to hear all sorted with emails, sorry for the delayed reply. Just one point to add, are they linked to an active cable account? If not, please migrate them to a new email asap as sometimes our system notices orphan accounts, that if not connected to an active cable account, will set them for deletion as per our terms and conditions around emails.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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