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Trying to restore “locked e-mail account”

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I have been trying to restore my “locked email address” this it vital since the complaint since 27th October 2021 in which they virgin shouldn’t have locked my said virginmedia address is a——-.m—-.w——— that because they have to lock their e-mail servers due they have to lock it for security reason after they discovered a malware virus attack in August 2021 by hackers that required the password reset. I have followed all instructions from your forum that I have tried the forgotten password as I submitted it’s still cannot even recognised my current e-mail address that it is not very satisfactory at all it is extremely ridiculous and it unacceptable that I the priority registered deafblind that I still have a Rights that I have ms outlook account that I required the ms outlook password reset that the recovery e-mail address is still registered as a——-.m—-.w——— that I still cannot get access to my hacked e-mail address due the server cannot recognised my login details that I’m very angry it is disgusting that my E-mail is still active on server since the hacking took place since 27th October 2021.

this evening I received a E-mail from you regarding restore the e-mail inbox it’s look genuine sky virginmedia address & I have click the link below on the e-mail that I have successfully submitted my locked e-mail address which have been subscribe successfully using the correct e-mail address & password was accepted. I wondered whether virgin will now unlocked my hacked virginmedia address asap please see screenshot of the genuine e-mail from you.






Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Looking at the email you were sent, certainly that is not from Virginmedia, looks like it is from a scammer as he has copied other companies in the email and it was sent from a email address.
Regards Mike

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I have been trying for years to get access to a vital account that just stopped working. 

I had 2 accounts deleted and 3 others I am unable to access. I thought as I am a paying customer of over 20 years I would be helped. The last attempt ended with support saying 2 weeks ago:

"I've emailed the IT team for further advice on this regarding the emails - I'll be sure to keep you updated when I receive a response"

No response yet.

I will be leaving Virgin because of this.

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thanks quite frankly it is a genuine sky & virginmedia e-mail address that I have been trying to restore my hacked address from October 2021 that I think it’s had been stolen that I still cannot get access due the server cannot recognised my usual log in details as you see that I’m still trying to recover my Microsoft locked e-mail with super difficulty due I have a rights that virgin should reset the locked e-mail server after the malware virus hackers attacked from aug. 2021 I’m not been notify at all. Should I contact the ico office to make a complaint against virgin? Despite have tried cisis to no resolution at all it is hopeless that I got to this put right it’s important to get ms outlook unblocked.

Suggest to take the complaint to the ico as it’s a breach of the possible data breach that they shouldn’t be deleting you e-mail it’s wrong. Have you tested too see if this still active on the server? My locked e-mail it is still active on server it is disgusting I may take my case to the ico because they shouldn’t locked the e-mail account after being hacked in august 2021 is the main evidence I still cannot recover it & my other outlook account that is blocked that required password reset that the password recovery it is registered under the locked e-mail address that it’s must be unlocked to let my Rightful to get access again asap to get the ms outlook e-mail that is sent to the locked server. However, if they continue to ignore my difficulty I shall contact the information commissioner office “ICO” if not unlocked the hacked e-mail servers.

hi Mike, 

this is ridiculous that I have sent a reply & made a complaint directly to that virginmedia e-mail requesting to restore the login password & why it being ignored of getting the locked password reset that it’s extremely very important that I still trying to get my hacked & locked e-mail by virgin as I am they breaching my Rights despite I’m registered deafblind that I have made the complaint to ofcom because the CISAS gave me no resolution I’m very frustrating to get the blocked ms outlook that I still cannot get the recovery password reset due it is still registered under the locked e-mail server that I’m not with any virgin service I think the evidence that the other virgin & blueyonder is still come through no problem except one one e-mail is still locked out that required the password reset. It should be on a priority list that it’s shouldn’t have been locked out it’s illegal without even notify in the first by E-mail that I got none received to let me there been some hacker have installed into their server as they think hacker have stolen login password that why they had to lock for security reason. Where ever if I should complain to the ico office for possible data breach by locking their server that I cannot access due the server can’t recognised my login detail that it’s should be reset asap, but where to eg google or what?