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Terrible customer service, on many levels

Below, the full text of the email I sent to

The automated reply suggested I use the atrocious Virgin Media contact us page. What a load of **bleep**e. I am 99% close to cancelling and taking this further - legal and negative publicity.


I was promised a £50 credit for signing up with Virgin a few months ago.

Didn't appear on first bill, and isn't on second bill.
I've tried contacting your "customer service" and I have to say I am appalled to the point of considering cancelling my service with you because you are failing in your duty of care to your customers.
I've spoken with about 6 different people, some foreign (who I cannot understand because of a combination of bad accents and bad lines) and some British.
The last Brit I spoke to put me on hold and 20 minutes later a foreigner picked it up. She then put me straight back to the initial call queue entry point.
Sort it out, or I'm leaving.
My time is worth way more than the £50 you promised me but this is getting beyond a joke.
My brother is having even worse problems, so get ready for that one.
The next email I get from you had better be apologetic and contain the news that you have credited my account and that moreover you plan to do something to retain my business.
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Re: Terrible customer service, on many levels

Hi richbembo, 


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us. 


All our agents are trained and well equipped to help with our customers queries, apologies this has not been the case for when you've contacted us. 

I would love the opportunity to put this right for you and have sent a private message, please reply when you can 🙂


Look forward to hearing from you, 



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