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Spam even though sender is in my Address Book

Joining in

For years I have been receiving emails from a user without any problems.  However, this week, their emails started to be marked as spam.  I added their name to my address book, but they still go to my spam folder.  As an experiment, I forward one of their emails from another email account, but it still went to spam.

Further testing shows that the problem is within the body of the email, where their email address is displayed as part of the email reply history, i.e. in the header:

Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2023 2:43:54 PM
To: A.N. Other <>  <-- spam problem

How do i resolve this to problem?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @BlueWyre 👋

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am sorry to hear you're having this issue. Can you clarify if it's only emails from this sender that ends up in spam?


Forum Team

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Hello Ayisha_B,

Thank you for replay.

the problem is not when I receive an email from the sender, it is when their email address is mentioned in the body of the email, but the email is received from someone else.

After further experimentation, demonstrates the problem seems to be with the domain name.  just including the domain name in the body of the email causes the email to go into spam.

Hey @BlueWyre,

Thanks for getting back to us. Having checked into this for you the reason it is flagging for spam is that any email which contains another email within it flags as spam on our system. You can learn about how to stop spam settings here.

Thanks. Joe

Hello Joe,
If I understood your answer correctly, when I receive the initial email, there is no problem, as the email account is included in my address book. But when there is an email correspondence between us, the email history contained in the email’s body will cause it to fail the spam filter, because no address validation is performed on the email’s addresses in the body?
Would this also be responsible for the issue I reported in my last reply, i.e., just including the domain name, for example, cause it to fail the spam filter?

Hi BlueWyre,

If the email trial in the email has a lot of recipients in it, this may be a trigger for classing the email as spam. Have you noticed this at all with any of the emails you've received that have been marked as spam?