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Sorry, - Your mailbox in not available at the moment

OK, My wife's ntlworld account stopped be accessible this week on 17th June 2020.

Not able to access via phone, laptop or web mail.

web mail gave the message "Sorry, - Your mailbox in not available at the moment".

we tried changing the password, as it is a secondary account off my account, but no joy.

We saw on here that others were having the same issue....and contacted VM customer support...who eventually answered and confirmed lots of people were having the same problem.

Had a call today 20th to say to try now...and sure enough access was back. No explanation as to what the problem or the fix  was though. Then we noticed thousands (>2500)  of emails signing her up to accounts all over the place ... all of which happened while we had no access to the account.

Then worst of all we noticed Amazon emails relating to purchases on her account for I-phones and the like over the last few days ...again while we had no access to the account. We were still on the phone with customer services at the time and the guy checked the account for us and found that a redirect had been set up on May 26th for any emails with the word AMAZON.

Now we know we changed the password for our NTLWORLD account in April as a precaution due to some scam/phishing the email password was new and secure.  So somehow my wife's NTLWORLD account was hacked after this time, presumably around 26th May when the redirect was added.

The result has been several thousands of £ stolen from her bank account as a result of items purchased from Amazon.

We always keep virus scanners etc up to date and avoid phishing emails my question  is

how can this happen  ?  How can someone gain access to her email account and change the redirection rules on my wife's account.

Also a warning to other to check all the emails when they get back into their accounts.

Any VM security people on this forum,  I would really like to speak to someone about this so please contact me.



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Re: Sorry, - Your mailbox in not available at the moment

Update :

Apparently the accounts are being locked due to suspicious activity on them...and there are many people with this problem over the last few weeks.

Sounds like there is heavy spamming going on.

However some reports (like our case) where somehow mail redirection rules have been added somehow.

Tom on this forum team says he has not seen other cases of fraud as a result of these breaches...but we have and others possibly also.

So, if/when you get access to your email account , check  on the web mail that no redirection has been implemented  + change your password ASAP.

Then all you need to do is unregister from the 1000's of sites that you may have been signed up to without asking to.

And if you have had redirections set up and fraud has taken this to the police + Action Fraud ASAP + make sure VM are aware of yet another case.