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Smoke and mirror customer service

I can only hope that a member of the Virgin Media leadership or a Customer Service Manager with decision making authority reads these posts. Note below was rejected by the Virgin mail server.

I have hopefully managed to send (18/10/20) an email to Lutz Schueler (CEO) for his review but have had no confirmation that it was delivered.

This issue has been ongoing since SEPT 2019.

My name is XX and I am acting on behalf of MR. & MRS. XX
They have asked for my support because they feel that their efforts to close the case referenced above has reached an impasse.
From your letter to the XX dated 14th August 2020, I can see that you believed that your “team are working hard to resolve your complaint”.  I am sure that this has not reached closure because of the various internal autonomous groups who have been involved.
I have copied two of the additional Virgin Media representatives who have been involved.
XX who wrote on 26/06/2020 “We aim to be in touch in the next 7days….”.
XX who advised on 29/07/2020 that “I have raised a request to process the refund which will take 24hrs and the cheque refund of £74.48 will reach you in 15 days once it's been dispatched”. 
I do appreciate that these are unprecedented times but this issue has been in the system since September 2019 and is not typical of the high standard of service associated with Virgin Media.
Can I please request that this issue be reviewed, one person take ownership and a cheque for the agreed refund (£74.48) be issued and closure reached.
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