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On our wavelength

Am I barking mad or are virgin publishing incorrect info on this site.

I spent a great deal of time over the weekend trying to sent up an old ntlworld .com address on more than one email client/app. it wasn't having it. just before I gave I tried substituting for and it worked! is it my imagination that the intstructions here are




Wise owl

They are not pushing bad info, both should work the same, but at current the server @ ntlworld is/was more reachable than the one @ virginmedia.  The NTL one is starting to time out too now - probably as people switch to it.

I do not work for VM, but I would. It is just a Job.
Most things I say I make up and sometimes it's useful, don't be mean if it's wrong.
I would also make websites for them, because the job never seems to require the website to work.