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Sent emails missing

Joining in

This morning I found that all my sent messages have disappeared apart from those from the last week. I've logged in both on my email app on my phone and on webmail but they have not appeared.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi GreyGardens,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry to hear that you've recently lost all sent emails. Can we ask what device you are using to check your emails? 

Also, when did you last send an email?

Kind regards Jodi. 

Hi Jody

I am using both an iphone and a Macbook


I have sent emails since most of them disappeared, and before that had last sent one on Tuesday15 November.


Hi GreyGardens, thanks for getting back to us.

Please can you confirm, if this is the case when you sign into your email account via webmail?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Lee_R  This is answered in the first post of this thread.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Many apologies GreyGardens, 

Just to clarify also, do you have any filters that were set for deleting emails?



No, I don't have any filters set for deleting emails.

Hi GreyGardens

Thanks for coming back to us and confirming. 

Can you confirm, is it just sent items that have been deleted and nothing else? 

Also have you checked the webmail filters not just any on the email client? 

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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