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Secondary email woe

Joining in

I have had my primary email for more than 20 years with very few little issues.

I set up a business email account 6 years ago

Yesterday I could not access my secondary email either using the virginmedia page, or via outlook on phone and PC.

Looks like a password / credentials issue.

I called 150 today to rest password, and was eventually put through to an operator who has said my email account has probably been junked - (note primary email still OK) As the secondary email account is for my business you can imagine that I'm not a happy customer.

I have tried to change my email password online, but none of my suggested passwords are being accepted.


Any thoughts?

Can I recover my secondary email account?

Can I migrate to a server who won't randomly close my email account?

Regards DB63



Alessandro Volta

VM's email accounts need to be linked to a current Virginmedia residential, not a business account. Often they have wrongly been left running for years, but VM have recently been catching up and closing them. You'll need to set up new email suitable for your business.

More info here


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