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Secondary email addresss - password reset

I am at the end of my tether with this problem - please can somebody help or advise 🤬

I set up a secondary email address for my wife some time ago. She has forgotten her password!  I wish to set up her email access for her on another device, using IMAP, but cannot set up the account without the password. I have been through all the virginmedia options, help etc., until I am fed up to the teeth with it!

Password reset does not work, and I have requested a reset link to be sent to her email address at least 6or7 times over the past few days, but the link has not been sent. We just cannot find a way either to login or to change/reset the password.

As the account holder, surely I should be able to administer any secondary email addresses as well as other aspects of my account.



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Re: Secondary email addresss - password reset

@AndyKay4517  Last year VM changed the way secondary accounts are administered and removed the option for the primary user to change secondary account details, apparently to improve security.

Each email address now has its own My VM account

Secondary accounts changes now have to be made via the My Virgin Media account for the secondary email.

Sign into the account here: using the email address concerned and the current password. Once logged in click on Account Settings then Account details. You should now see the options to change password etc.

If that isn't available try

If no security answers have been set for the email address concerned then you will need to call in for support and select technical issues> email

In your case I expect that you will need to call the support line as your post implies that the password recovery questions and answers have not been setup for the secondary account.


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