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Second ntlworld email problems

Tuning in

Has the latest email problems been resolved yet?

My primary email account seems to be working ok but nothing happening on my second email account???

Any help would be appreciated, thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi JaneG1,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry for the issues you've been having with your email address. 

To confirm, can you log into your secondary email account? 


Tuning in

Thanks for getting back to me.


I can see the 2nd email account on my email page but am unable to see or do anything else (mine is ok).  I did try to send a test email from the 2nd account to my account but received the following message if it helps:

"The provided password seems to be wrong or something bad happened."

Thank you for that information. Have you tried to change the password for the secondary email address?


Tuning in

Just tried and think I have made it worse 😞

Also, this message:  The entered credential or authentication information does not work or are no longer accepted by provider. Please change them.



Up to speed

I've had similar problems Jane.  I found I couldn't log into any secondary accounts and they wouldn't open in my main account either. Try going into your main account's settings and 'Add e-mail'.  Input your account details and click 'Add' ignoring any error warnings. Just click on 'Ignore' and then exit the settings. You should be able to see your secondary e-mail account at the bottom left hand side of your main inbox.  I found after doing this that all my other e-mail accounts seemed to have been accepted and that I could then log into them separately from my main account if I wanted as well.  Hope this helps.


Thanks Polly will give it a go - if all else fails I will get my son to have a look - too old for this hassle 🙂

OhI do know what you mean. We just don't need this.  We've got enough problems at our age haven't we?  I reckon our generation has seen more change than any other before it (or after for that matter!)  Just can't keep up with it! Imagine having an entirely 'Smart' house!   All that extra stuff to go wrong?  You'd feel like cutting your own wrists trying to get all that lot fixed wouldn't you? 😩 Good luck!

Glad I'm not the only one.....

Right, nothing working so am going to walk away from my laptop before it goes out the window and will get my son to have a look later....................The joys of getting old!!

Tuning in

Well, my son has tried and I have tried everything - have ended up deleting the 2nd email account in the hope that I could add it again, but sadly no.  Computer says no!!!  Password changed but the system does not recognise new password!  Rather annoying as this 2nd email is the one 3 hospitals have in respect of my husbands ongoing treatment,  I have managed to divert his medical orders to my email account thankfully.  So very annoying