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Reset Password for Secondary Email Account

Tuning in

I need to reset the password on an additional email account within my account. I remember being able to do it online but now the only options are to delete it. It is not possible to login as the secondary account as I have no idea what the current password is.


David Mole




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Fibre optic

I have a similar issue. One of my e-mail addresses is now working properly but the other requires me to insert a password. I have inserted the password (and several other possible passwords) and each time it tells me it is unable to verify the account. I need this account to work. Can I change the password and if so, how? 

Fibre optic

Yes I know exactly what you are referring to, prior to about a year ago if you logged into the VM portal with the ‘primary email address/account’ details, you could reset and manage all of the secondary addresses. However last year VM changed this so that each ‘secondary' email address, now has it’s own login to the VM portal and they can manage their own account.

Now your issue is that you can’t remember the password for the ‘secondary’ account and so can’t log in to reset the password - bit of a Catch-22 situation, however if you try to log in with the secondary email address and click on the ‘forgotten password’ link, it will offer to reset it for you as long as you can give the right responses to the security questions. These will be the ‘security questions' for the secondary account, which you have never set up because VM neglected to tell anyone that it would be necessary going forward, so nobody knew to do it. And no, the answers to the security questions of the primary email address won’t work here!

Bit of an impasse really!

Your only option, and I am truly sorry to tell you this, is to call VM’s customer services people, explain the situation and ask them to reset it - however, there is a non-zero chance that the person on the phone will completely misunderstand what you want and will reset the password on your primary address instead - and this has been reliably reported on here! So be prepared for that, make notes of everything said on the conversation, and possibly be prepared to make multiple calls until you manage to get through to someone who knows what they are doing!

My recent / ongoing experiences mirror so many sad tales on this forum.

6 years ago I switched to Virgin Media from BT because of the significantly higher broadband speed and cable TV without a dish here in Leeds.

In so doing I swapped my old email address of for At the same time I availed myself of two additional email addresses, one for my wife and a spare for me

Up to now two addresses used for me and my wife have functioned well. The spare has been just that.

This week has been horrendous in that all email traffic dried up and the TV started experiencing major pixellation on live TV. In trying to get to the bottom of the problems I've spent many hours holding on the phone and waiting for some agent / chatbot to get back to me on Whatsapp. Eventually I stumbled on a web news item advising that Virginmedia Mail was down and that TV quality was being prejudiced.

At no time did anyone from VM attempt to let us in on the secret about significant remedial works being carried out on the equipment in our post code.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, after visiting the VM portal sites and help pages and resetting my email password thinking that it may resolve the unknown problem I stumbled on my forgotten spare email address.

In desperation I tried to set up the cobwebbed account on my email package only to find that neither my VM login nor my VM mail app password would enable it. In frustration I deleted the account and attempted to reinstate it thinking naively that I would be asked to set up a password. Nothing so simple as that. The automated response from VM was that an invite had been sent to the email address I had requested. How I'm expected to respond to that email is a mystery to me.

To put a top hat on the whole sorry saga I have just read that VM has withdrawn the option for customers to add additional email addresses to the main account.

I despair.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi davidmole, 


Thank you for your post and welcome back to the forums! 


Okay - this is something I can help with. I will send you over a private message so I can get this sorted for you.