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Recovery of historic VM Emails

Tuning in

In light of the delays in the recovery of historic emails and the possibility that they may be lost for good by VM, I would like to use a backup I have kept of my emails from the day before they were lost by VM. However, whenever I reinstate the email file from the backup, it shows all my old emails until I go online when it overwrites these with just those from after the problem arose 2 weeks ago. Can anybody advise if there is a way I can use my backup to restore my old emails and keep them without them being immediately overwritten, apart from staying offline! I assume this is something to do with the emails being IMAP which synchronises back to the server? Anybody got any ideas of a way around this? Obviously I would also like the new emails to remain as well!!!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi sjeyers, thanks for the message. 

I am sorry to hear that you ae having issues with the emails and this is a fault which we are aware about and our engineers are currently working on this. 

All the email settings can be found here, hope it helps. 

Kind regards, Chris.


You have not answered the question from sjeyers. The suggestion to lookup email settings are irrelevant to the substance.

To repeat the question is

"Can anybody advise if there is a way I can use my backup to restore my old emails and keep them without them being immediately overwritten?"

I have the same issue, having effectively got historic backups on devices that thankfully I have not yet synchronised on IMAP with the Virgin Media email server because I had changed the passwords before they got reconnected to it after the outage, otherwise I'm guessing I would have lost the lot.

So, I would also like an answer to the same question, which I expect to contain the relevant technical details.

I would also like a truthful and realistic answer to the concern expressed at the beginning as to "the possibility that they may be lost for good by VM".

And if not, a truthful and realistic estimate as to when these historic emails will be recovered.



On our wavelength


Do you think there is any hope of our historic emails being recovered, I had no idea our emails were at risk of being lost / hacked I have so many years on there. 

Alessandro Volta

Virginmedia make it clear in their Ts & Cs that it is the customer's responsibility to keep backups, so if you haven't done so you can't really blame them if they are lost.

But looking at the wider picture, VM stopped issuing email addresses over a year ago. There has been a systemic problem of hacking of older email accounts for some time. And now this latest issue of the email service breaking down.

The message from all of this is that the VM email service has proven to be unreliable and has an unknown future.  Now is the time to move to one of the many alternative email providers. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.