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Recover secondary email a count

Joining in

After all the problems with Virgin emails recently, my main account started working eventually, but the secondary email account my wife uses didn’t and all of her save emails had dissatisfied.

I tried going through the Virgin app, but nothing seemed to work, so I thought I’d deleted it and reinstall it, not knowing that wouldn’t be possible 🫤

I’ve gone on to reset password, which it did and I’ve tried adding email and it just comes up incorrect password.

I’ve read through several post on here and checked to see if the account is still active and it is. Do I need to ring Virgin directly, or can one of the tech people guide me through it in private message.

thanks Neil


Tuning in

This appears to be a very common problem we have the same issue and have  been contacting VM for over a week now with no satisfactory response or solution. We were told yesterday that the matter had been "escalated " and someone would contact us -no contact as yet .

I think they all know there is a problem there is even a general e-mail they sent out three weeks ago confirming this .Our secondary account was working fine until last week then just after they carried out a "security upgrade" it went with the same issues you describe no recognition of the password.VM even changed the password from their end still doesn't work hence the escalation.I suggest you ring but be patient and good luck!