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Recent problems screwed up my email addresses

Tuning in

My email has been severely messed up since all the recent problems at Virgin Media.

I have about half a dozen addresses apart from my main one, and none of them is functioning.

I need help repairing them, and gaining access to my lost emails (I say lost since all the addressses seem to be empty).


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi j10, thanks for joining our help forums and for posting here.
Welcome to the VM community, we're glad to have you on board. 🙂

Sorry to hear of the issues with all your secondary emails recently, we'd love to assist with this.

We can confirm that all outages relating to historic emails have been now resolved, however we'd be eager to see why this is happening and how we can help fixing the issue.

Please, visit our page here for more details on managing your emails and email settings where you'll find the most up-to-date info.

About this issues you've reported with your emails, could you please advise if these get restored after you change the password for an email account from those in query as seen on our above link?

Not to worry if not, please try this and let us know if that works - we'll be happy to advise on the next steps from there.

Forum Team

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Hi Adri, and thanks for your comment.

I finally got in touch with VM via LiveChat (not sure if they were awkward to reach or I was being unusually dopey finding a way to do it). I've been assured that the issue with emails has been fixed (or is being fixed), and they're working through getting everyone back to normal asap.

When I pressed him, he said I should be back to normal within a week and all the 'lost' emails would be available once again. He said he would email me when it was sorted (once I explained that I don't normally use WhatsApp, the method he first tried to convince me to use).

When I tried to get him to explain how to make an email backup he tried, but failed. Then explained that he's really a tech, not directly concerned with email.

I had to settle for that, and we'll see what happens within a week.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @k10,

Thanks for providing us with this update, glad you were able to speak to our team with regards to this, if they have advised they are looking into this we would ask that you provide us this timeframe to go about resolving your issue. Do let us know how this goes and if you require anything further.


Hi Joe, trying to keep you updated on this problem.

A guy called Mohemmad assured me my email problem would be sorted out within a week. That was the 8th August. I allowed longer than that but now, after about 3 or 4 weeks (!), still nothing. And no word from Mohemmad, even though he promised to email me with information.

I can't even remember how I managed to contact VM (via LiveChat), so I'm stuck at the moment, can't do anything about it, can't even get back in touch with them. I did manage to 'start a conversation' here about this problem (a few days ago) but didn't get any replies. Then I came across your comment so this is my reply to you, trying to keep you updated.

I've totally lost faith in VM. They don't seem to give a damn. At the moment I'm left with email addresses I can't access or use and I have no way to fix this situation.

If you can help in any way Joe (or anyone else for that matter) I'd be very grateful.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I can certainly appreciate the frustration caused with this one,

Given past experiences with emails, the ones that are most likely lost could potentially be gone.

Regarding that conversation however was a ticket of some sort raised?


Hi, Kain_W. Sorry, I didn't see your reply till yesterday.

No, the issue hasn't been fixed yet. I'm a bit clearer on things though. It seems I might only have to get the proper details set up for each of the secondary addresses (and I think they're all much the same, apart from the passwords).

I posted a new question yesterday but nobody has replied. I was just asking could someone help by advising what exactly are the right details I need to use. I keep getting a popup that says "the provided login data to access email server seems to be wrong. Please correct them".

It would be a really helpful popup if it added information about what those settings should be, or at least where I could find the information.

I'd really appreciate some help in this.