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Re: ntlworld email not working in Outlook since yesterday

I'm having the same problem with Outlook 365. The email account is linked to the main account and is working in the web version and through other devices. I haven't tried it from a different location and that would be a little tricky anyway at the moment.

I've read one of the other threads and struggled to keep up understanding where the problem is. I'm not sure if it was a foolish thing to do but I deleted the existing account in outlook that had been working some time ago and tried to start again. We've been getting the dialogue box prompting for the password for a while but just hadn't got around to sorting it until now. I've double and triple checked that all of the set up info has been typed in correctly.

When I try to add the account again, I get the SMTP server has been dropped error message

The connection to the outgoing (SMTP) server was dropped. Please check the outgoing (SMTP) server settings and try again