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Re: Delete old ntlworld email


OK, this is very similar to my issue.

I have two old secondary e-mails - both Blueyonder addresses that I need to delete as they are causing problems with spammers etc.

This bit applies to me:

If it is a secondary address, you can delete it by signing in as the primary billing account, go to the manage accounts tab and select the address for deletion.  Then check via, to see if the mailbox has been deleted.  Any problems, come back to this thread and let us know, as it may need intervention of the Forum Team (VM employees)

I have tried to follow the guidance a few times but the addresses I need removed have no active way of being selected or actioned upon.  I think it is because they are old legacy secondary address from Blueyonder days.  I'm not sure if I should name them here, but I'd be pleased if someone could help.  I've tried all other means of getting support with no success so far.

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Re: Delete old ntlworld email

Do the addresses concerned show as 'additional' email addresses on the My Profile tab or are they listed as secondary accounts under the My Accounts tab?

If the former they are aliases of the primary account and cannot normally be deleted as they share the same mailbox and password as the primary account.

If the latter you should be able to delete them via the Change button to the right of the address in the My Accounts tab.


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