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Password reset for not working

Joining in

Tried to reset password, and returns message - can not use password - although - it is legitimate and strong - my cached passwords no longer work and now  Iocked out of email account. Can anyone help plse


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @IrgGibson,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're having some problems with your email. I've attempted to locate a service on our end, and have been unable to do so. To confirm, are you currently a customer with us?

Please be aware, if you do not have active services with us, the account has most likely been 'orphaned'. This is where an email address no longer has a linked account with active services and, as a result, it is removed. 

You can read more about this here, which is a post explaining orphaned email accounts. If you do not have services with us, and the account is now orphaned, there is no way to retrieve it.


Reece - Forum Team

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Thanks for getting back to me Reece, I had absolutely no idea, my email account goes back many years when I was a virgin customer - I have not had any notification of this - blimey!
Problem I have now is that I can not access my account to sort my credentials out etc and migrate all my services away then close it down.

Is there anyway that a grace period can be given - even if this is a week and I can extract my credential for my online banking, payment services, utilities, social accounts.

Or alternatively if I re-sign for a virgin media product will the orphaning be resolved?

Pretty desperate here as it’s paralysing me and I could find myself in quite a lot of trouble with my financial commitments etc! 
Any help would be extremely grateful, regard - Ian 

Thanks for coming back to us IrgGibson, unfortunately, we aren't able to re-activate your account for any period of time, once it has been orphaned and if you did come back to us that also wouldn't resolve the issues as we cannot re-assign your email account anywhere else once it has been orphaned.


Kind Regards,