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Orphaned emails

I have a new phone and it will not allow my two emails to be set up on it.

These 2 emails were migrated from a closed account (account holder has died) to a new account.  However they are not showing up as secondary accounts on the NEW primary account.  It seems it is not recognising the passwords for these 2 emails, abut also it will not allow new passwords to be set up for these emails either. When I tried to do this it says it cannot find the user name.  So I am stuck.

Can one of your technical people please help with this problem?  I really want to keep these 2 old email addresses because they are used in many places I frequent on the internet.

Many Thanks.

P.S.  In desperation I have set up 2 new VM emails but really don't want to use these.  Instead I want to retain the ntlworld emails.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Orphaned emails

Hi Moonfairy, thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear you've had problems accessing your email accounts since the account was transferred into your name - condolences as well.


It sounds like the email addresses weren't transferred over - which would usually be done when requested under these circumstances. Normally we'd need the previous account holder's permission to transfer email addresses to a new account, in the situation of a bereavement we'd need to get permission from the Power Of Attorney for the previous account holder so we can proceed.


I will get in touch via PM so we can confirm the details and help further.





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