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Old unused email accounts needs deleting - sending out viruses

My old email address has been hacked and is sending spam to my contacts. How can I delete the account again.   I requested this email address be deleted completely in July 2019

For the past week it has been very distressing and frustrating as close family members have informed me that they are getting spoof emails with viruses purporting to be from me and they have copied the emails from about 2012 which show my old residential address and personal information I was sharing with my family.  How in the hell can these hackers be tracked? and where in the hell are they getting these emails from?  I do not keep old emails on my computer.  I am very strict and always have only 3 or 4 emails in my folders. The emails are not being sent to me.  What can be done about this and how did these hackers get hold of my emails?????????? Please can you urgently reply to me.

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