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Old Blueyonder Email Hacked - unable to reset password or delete account

Just joined

Hi,  As I've seen elsewhere in here, I've also been sent a threatening email with my old Blueyonder account details.  I've recovered my hacked Facebook and LinkedIn but now he's opening account elsewhere and I need to get the Email password reset or just close the bloody thing. 

Having no luck on the Virgin Media pages as I am no longer a customer so any old logon's don't work and been sat in a queue on and off trying to speak to someone. 

Please can I get some help before my boyfriend pays for this non-existent set of porn videos being offered up........he bloody wishes!!!!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sallie1,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the email address being hacked. 

We can certainly look into this for you. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.