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Ntlworld email hacked (cannot change password)

My mum's email has been hacked first we noticed they tried to get on her Facebook account which she does not use anymore and luckily no personal info on it.

Today we get a email resetting the eBay password for a very old account eBay even confirmed password been changed so I now know they have access to her emails.

I have changed all her main accounts linked over to a Gmail email.

For some reason i can not change the password for ntlworld it no longer lets you login on the virgin media website (no longer VM customer) it only lets you login via the email app on Android phone.

We feel a bit unsafe that they will use the ntlworld email for criminal activity very worried

Any help be much appreciated

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Re: Ntlworld email hacked (cannot change password)

Hi Ipot13,


Thanks for your post and welcome.


I'm really sorry that your mums email has been hacked. I can absolutely appreciate the concern with this. 


You mentioned that she is no longer a VM customer? This email should have been removed when the services were. 


I'm sorry that we'd be unable change the password at this point due to this. We can have the email address deleted to ensure that it's no longer able to be used.


Is this something you'd want to have done? If so, please pop me a private message and I'll help you.





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