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Ntlworld email forgotten password

Hi all,

I have an ntlworld email account it is my primary email account. I have just changed my mobile device, but i cannot remember the password for the email account. I am not a virgin media account holder, so i cannot speak to anyone at virgin about it as they ask for an account number. I have tried the forgotten password section, this doesn't seem to work as i input my security question answer and nothing happens. Is there any other way i can access the account? 

TiA Chris

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Re: Ntlworld email forgotten password

@milo1069 wrote:

I am not a virgin media account holder,

Is there any other way i can access the account? 

Firstly I need to address the elephant in the room.

If you are no longer a VM broadband customer your VM email account could be deleted by VM at any time.

See section D6 in this link to VM's Terms and Conditions  

However, for simplicity, here's that section:

"If this agreement ends, your right to use that email address will also end and you will no longer be able to use the email address, so please make sure you have an alternative email address and let your contacts know of the change, as we cannot do this for you."

VM often seem to let these old accounts linger on for years before closing them down but when they do, they never seem to give any warning. There have been many posts on this forum from people who have ended up in that predicament.

Therefore if you do manage to access the account you need to download the emails to a safe place and open a new email account with a dedicated email provider. See this link for a review of the main ones. 

To answer your question about regaining access to the account. VM do not have a password reminder service, your only option is their password reset option

I have a live VM broadband account and I have just checked that reset process using my VM email account. It worked fine for me.

I also tried entering the wrong answer to my security question  and as expected that came back with an error. Therefore it seems that process is working but possibly it does not work if the VM email account is not linked to a live broadband account. That would explain why it's not working for you.

You can wait for one of the Forum Team (VM employees who support this forum) to pick up on your post but I am sure they will confirm what I have said. They may (and I stress may) be able to restore access to the account on a temporary basis but in most cases that is not technically possible.


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Re: Ntlworld email forgotten password

Hey milo1069, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to our community.  I am sorry to see you cannot access your emails.

Okay so I have managed to find you on our systems, I am going to send you a PM. Please look out for the purple envelope. 

Also as the advice you have got from coenoby you could try changing the password on that link. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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