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Ntlworld email address not coming through outlook

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I have a Ntlworld email address and emails have stopped coming through to my Outlook account on my laptop. They are still coming through to my phone.  I have checked all the email settings and they appear correct.

Any suggestions how to correct this. I have spoken with Microsoft and they say the issue is with VM.




Alessandro Volta

What message do you get when the email fails? 

Can you access webmail using a browser? If not what message do you get?

Is this email account linked to a Virginmedia broadband account? 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Everything was okay until 26th November then my emails stopped coming through to outlook, after1hr 40mins of talking to virgin media I gave up as all they wanted to do was sell me stuff!! Went to Microsoft who were very helpful and after checking everything there end without trying to sell me stuff , said virgin had blocked me being able to accept emails on multiple devices, so I want this block removing and my settings returned to how they were, this is the most messed up way of resolving a matter I've ever come across and very shortly virgin will lose a long time customer. Only getting emails to my phone, NOT my laptop's or tower but my wife's messages are unaffected, but I'm the main account holder? No messages saying anything wrong and can log in to my virgin account and get them, just not outlook. Many thanks for any help

Hi @GlynWright69 👋.

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post.

I am sorry you're having some issues with your emails not coming through. 

As you have mentioned you can access these when signing into WebMail, but not third party email client, have you tried removing your mailbox from outlook and adding it back to see if that helps?

Forum Team

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I have this same issue now, I have deleted my email address from outlook and tried to add the account back... and it tells me "we couldn't connect to the incoming (IMAP) server. Please check the incoming (IMAP) server settings and try again."

But all the settings are correct... so why can I not access my emails anymore on outlook?

Hi @essbeeuk,

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you are currently facing a similar issue. We can understand the inconvenience caused and want to best help. Just to confirm, are you setting it up as seen here? Also how long has this issue been ongoing for you? 


Forum Team

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