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Not receiving password reset emails

Just joined

I have had an ongoing problem for years, and am finally reaching out to see what I can do to fix things. Whenever I have to reset a password for a website, the email with the link never seems to come through. This isn't an isolated incident. Last year I had to move my Ancestry account over to another email address, and today I haven't received either a password reset or login link for There have been other websites as well, but too many to remember off the top of my head. Any thoughts? Am about to stop using this email address if this can't be fixed.

There's nothing in Filter Rules on my account, and nothing in my Junk mail.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Jenna88 wrote:

… Am about to stop using this email address if this can't be fixed.

That is a good move to make now and for the long terms because issues like this take far too long to resolve if at all; sometimes due to Virgin Media and other times due to organisations unwillingness to provided the information required to investigate further, i.e. their SMTP log

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