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Not receiving legitimate emails.

Recently I have stopped receiving legitimate emails from a specific sender.

The email extension is . The sender has tried 3 different email addresses all ending in and non are delivered to me.

I have checked my blacklist, there is nothing at all in there.

It doesnt matter if its, iPhone mail, Virgin Webmail or outlook, all the mails never arrive.

Having spoken to a customer services advisor this morning at length, she was very unknowledgable about the situation or a solution and just keps saying it would be in Spam/Junk mail folder, which it isnt.

I have had emails in the past (2018 being one of the last) and I think I have missed quite a few.

Im getting really frustrated now, the sender says he has lots of (mine) and virginmedia accounts which are not experiencing this problem.

Anybody have any suggestions, or Virgin people look into this for me.



David C

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Re: Not receiving legitimate emails.

Can you see is this helps 


1.     Click the System menu icon on the right side of the menu bar and then click the Settings menu option.

2.     Select SPAM Settings.

3.     Select the required SPAM setting:

  • Move message to Spam folder (default)
  • Reject All SPAM messages
  • Flag a message as SPAM but deliver to Inbox
  • Turn off all SPAM filtering

4.     Navigating away from the SPAM Settings page will save the setting selected.



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