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Not receiving emails from services such as

Hello, up until mid way through this year I was able to recieve emails from Revolut and Patreon however i'm no longer to and it's preventing me logging into these services. I've checked my spam filters etc and not sure if its just VM's terrible filter blocking everything. any ideas?

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Re: Not receiving emails from services such as

@Anonymous wrote:

..............any ideas?

The first things I would do are:

  1. If you have set up any Filter Rules in your VM webmail (I am assuming that's what you are referring to by your "spam filters") I would temporarily disable all of them and see if future emails from Revolut and Patreon come through ok. The reason I say that is that the webmail filters often have unintended and unexpected consequences so they may be responsible for blocking these emails.
  2. There is also the possibility that a hacker may have set up Filter Rules in your Webmail account. They will have done that to divert emails from those sites away from your Inbox so that you remain unaware of their activities  on your accounts with those services so I would check that out out as well.
  3. I would also check that you do not have your VM webmail SPAM  Settings  set to "Reject all spam" If VM are flagging those emails as spam that setting would mean that you will never see them. The ideal setting is "Move message to Spam folder".

spam setting spam folder.png

If all else fails, there is the option to set up a new email account with a dedicated email service to use with your online accounts. Gmail and are the market leaders. but there are many others. I can testify that Gmail certainly has much better spam filtering than VM and all the major email services offer much better security than VM. 

Security is a real concern when you use your email account in conjunction with online accounts that have financial implications. In my opinion you really need an email account that has 2 factor authentication for those accounts. I know 2FA is not bullet proof but it is an extra layer of protection.


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