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Not been able to send or receive virgin email since 15/09/22

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I've not been able to send or receive email on my virgin dot net account since 15/09/22. No idea why. I can't seem to log back into my email account (password not accepted) and I get a notification (via outlook) that the account is locked.  No idea how to resolve this. Someone please help.

I've posted other messages in this Help Forum today about My Virgin Media account issues that I'm having, and I'm clearly not alone in not being able to get a password accepted when I try to create an account.

I've not been able to get into my account to see my details literally for years. 




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I feel a bit like I am in the seventh circle of hell with Virgin Media.  

1. I have been a loyal Broadband customer for literally decades and for years I haven't been able to access my account details via the Virgin website for years.  

2. The last time I actually got through to a person via the helpline (some months ago) they said I didn't have a Virgin Media account.  When I try to register for one I get repeated messages not allowing any password I offer (I've seen other people post about this problem and the only 'answer' I've seen is a moderator saying "I'm sending you a Private Message").

3. In addition, since 15/09/22 I've not been able to send or receive emails from my email account.  I've no idea why.  I am no longer sure what my password is but I can't of course reset it because ... I can't register for a My Virgin Media account.  It really is the seventh circle of hell. Whatever issues I have I continually end up getting stuck at not having a My Virgin Media account but goodness knows I've been trying.

4. Today (Saturday 10/10/22) I just rang the helpline again. I waited about 20 minutes and then was put through to what sounded like a call centre in India.  I was asked for my email address, what my monthly Virgin Media payment is, what day of the month it comes out on, and what my bank sort code is.  I was told these latter questions are security questions.  Really?  My bank sort code???  Once I was through security and I started to say what my issues were the call cut out, as though the line had been broken on me.  How is this an acceptable service?

5. Please could someone PM me who can actually help me.



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I'm a current Virgin Media account holder and have been for years (decades). I also have a email (again, that I've had for decades) which stopped working on 15/09/22 -- haven't been able to send or receive email via it since.  I've read the link/post you've provided and that's very helpful ... though I *am* still very much a paying customer of VM and my email is the one I used to register for my account way back when.  

However, I'm also having problems creating a My Virgin Media account so don't know whether that's related (i.e. Virgin don't think my email *is* connected to my account).  They send me monthly billing emails via it though so I and my email are somewhere in their systems ...

Incredibly frustrating trying to sort this all out ...

Thanks anyway,


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Oscar221 wrote:

Incredibly frustrating trying to sort this all out ...

I can imagine!

I was about to reply to you on your original thread and then realised that you had also posted again on another one.

That second thread is already marked as being answered so you are unlikely to get a quick response on there. To keep it all simple I moved  your latest post to your original thread. That also means all your explanation about the background is there for all to see one place.😉

While you are waiting for one of the VM Forum (VM employees) to respond, there is a way you might be able to get more idea about what's going on with your VM account.

I see that you are getting emails from VM regarding you bill, do you known your VM broadband account number and Area code? The account number is a nine digit number and the are code is a two digit number between 1 and (I think) 34.

1) What happens when you click on "View your bill" in VM's "Your Virgin Media bill" email ?

2) You could try using this link to see what email account are linked to your broadband account.

If it finds any it will come up with list where parts of each email address are obscured.  However, it will confirm whether or not there are other VM email accounts linked to your broadband account. Also, even thought the full address(es) will be partly redacted they may ring a bell with you.

Yours does seem a strange case. However, as you say you are a VM broadband account holder, if you can come back with the results (or lack thereof) of trying 1) and 2) above, I will escalate this thread to the Forum Team in an effort to expedite matters for you,


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Hi @Oscar221


Thanks for your post on our forums and sorry to hear about your email issue.


Are you able to advise on the above by the very helpful coenoby? Please do keep us updated.



Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Dear @coenoby,

Thanks for your response and sorry for the delay in replying.  In answer to your questions:

1) When I click on 'View your bill' I get the 'Sign in to Virgin Media' page.  I key in the email I am absolutely sure I used to set up the account but I do not seem to know the password anymore.  I can't get any further.

2) Yes, I know my account number and the Area Code.  When I key these details in to the link the response I get is that no details can be found. That's completely bizarre as VM certainly is billing me and is presumably still sending me monthly emails saying so (but as I've been locked out of my email since 15/09/22, as said previously, the last such email from VM I saw was in August 2022).

There are basically TWO issues: (a) I've been locked out of my email account (which I have had for decades) since 15/09/22 and (b) I can neither get into, and cannot create, a Virgin Media account.

I really want the email account back and up and running again if at all possible and I have no idea why it has just been locked.  I also want to be able to access my account details.  Virgin has obviously got some details as it has no problems billing me.

It really isn't acceptable that I've been trying for so long to sort these matters out.  I've been trying for months on the account issue and basically every time I give up in absolute frustration.  Talking to someone on the phone is useless. It's a completely unacceptable level of service not to have this definitively fixed.

Thanks anyway. Please take this to someone who can actually help if you can.


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Dear @Travis_M,

I have just replied to @coenoby's response.  I've made no progress whatsoever since I first posted two weeks ago.

Please can someone just help me sort this out.



Many apologies for the issues faced Oscar221,

Welcome back to the community.

From checking the other thread I can see that you were invited into a PM, did you receive that message?

Let us know,


On our wavelength

Nope. I've received no Private Message. Where would that be?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Oscar221 If a VM staff member sends you a private message it should appear via the purple envelope icon in the top right corner of the forum screen, next to the notification icon.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media, I'm a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work. Please read the FAQs
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