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No humans at VM and no service - how to contact?

Due to the terrible service I won 6 months free VM from - via the ombudsman.  

Although VM have stated they have credited me. They have taken (AGAIN) more money from my account.  I can never, ever contact them, to sort out why they take too much, and despite my d/d too early!!   They have seemingly barred me from logging in as when I fill in the correct details, VM website says NO!  So I ask to reset and VM website says 'Oops, something is broken!  This always happens and for a communications company is embarrassing for VM

So is my only option to go to CEDR again?  Legal said I'd a 100% case against them but CEDR first.  So social awareness - DO NOT GO NEAR VM UNLESS ONLY CHOOSE AND BE AWARE

(If there was another broadband provider, I'd NEVER have anything to do with VM. Be warned)