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No access to blueyonder email account

Joining in

My wife has not been able to access her email account since 7 July 2023. 2 tickets have been raised to the "technical" team, with a commitment of a response within 5 days, no response. Spoken to numerous call handlers all of whom run through the script, resetting passwords without success. I have spoken to Iram, a manager Satish (although I'm not so sure) and a Dan in complaints, plus numerous other call handlers.

I have submitted 2 complaints hence the call from Dan.

Here we are 11 days later, I am now speaking with another call handler Rajesh after being on hold for 25 minutes. He checked the information, the ticket number is F010824586. I have just gone through entire process again, changing passwords and trying to access webmail, without success. I have been told I will receive another call back within 48 hours from the IT department and the issue will definitely be resolved. Another 40 minutes wasted and I have now spent almost half a day chasing Virgin Media for an update. 

Virgin Media this is a shambles.

I am now going to email the CEO Lutz Schüler. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Theo07,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry about the issue you're having with your email address. 

Can you confirm what specifically happens when your Wife attempts to sign into the email address? Does she get en error message?

Is this affecting different email sign in clients?